Up the Violin Strings

The next day I heard a hundred more poems from lovely men. I was tired of all the beauty mixed with the rest. To be honest I was only thinking about sir Carlton from yesterday. At noon my friends came to distract me. It appeared that there was a concert with violins and pianos. These were two of my three favourite instruments. The third was the harp. I immediately said yes. I picked my violet summer dress and my small hat. I was resembling the lavender fields in Provence. Perfect. Me and the girls, we sat on the front row of chairs gathered specially for us. Despite, the beautiful blue sky and the fresh air, mixed with the smell of the flowers outside, I couldn't shake off the feeling that something very bad was going to happen. But I forgot that soon after the musicians came on the scene. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sir Carlton! He was playing one of the violins. Fascinating! How could a poem tie two hearts together! They started playing. And - Oh! - what music! I haven't heard such thing! It wasn't the court music you can hear everywhere these days. It had the most beautiful Celtic themes I have ever heard! What joy was to see the way sir. Carlton was sinking into the melody. Eyes closed, feeling the shape of every single note, breathing in the rhythm - pure magic. In the middle of the first song something crashed into the window. I though it was the wind was jostling a branch in the glass but after a while the same thing happened. It was like something was scratching to come in. I looked that way and I saw the white sparrow. It was hustling itself again and again in the transparent material. It wasn't stopping making the window tremble. Oddly, it seemed that nobody was hearing the little bird. I, too, ignored it and concentrated on the music. The piano was sealing the tons while the violins were climbing with a cold beauty the musical scale. At the end sir Carlton opened his eyes and it was as if he was trance. He was tired, everyone could see his pursed pupils. As if he had done an immense physical work. It couldn't be from the violin because he was a natural talent, or so it seemed. He scanned the crowed and fixated me. He smiled. Such a beautiful smile he has. A few minutes after the performance ended sir. Carlton came to me and the girls. He asked me to meet him later for a cup of tea. I was so exited for this meeting! I was waiting for him to send me a chariot of some kind to pick me up. After 15 minutes of waiting I decided to go by myself. It wasn't very polite of him but he was a busy young man.  I arrived at his domain and I knocked on the door. A neatly steward opened the big mahogany portal. There were symbols carved in it. I think I could recognize the symbol of fertility from an ancient tribe from the central of Africa that was long forgotten from the world. I remember reading about them. They were praising the earth and its fruits. They didn't have a script but they were using symbols. All the symbols were made from straight lines.  Here I saw the same thing.

- Hello, Miss. How can I be a help for you?

- Oh, well, hello. Sir Carlton said that I could come over for tea! Since he did not come to pick me up I decided to come over myself. So may I come in?

- Certainly. Though, I haven't seen the master after he came from his performance. You can wait for him in the common room and I will inform my master for Your arrival, Miss.

I sat on a red soft sofa and started observing the room. There were pictures all over the walls. Pictures of sunsets, ladies, fields, rivers, young men, and one, only one, portrait of his family. Very interesting. Apart from the pictures and two red soft sofas, in one of which I was sitting. Few minutes after I sat I heard a terrifying scream from upstairs. A hair straightening scream. I forgot all of the etiquette and I ran upstairs.

On the fifth stair my feet sunk into the carpet. Red sprang my white lace boots. I felt my stomach going in my throat. I didn't know what it is but just the probability of having blood on my boots was horrifying.  I swallowed the fear and continued escalating the stairs, trembling with tension. Up on the floor the carpet was beige and the red was protruding. It was absolutely macabre. I
started inhaling and exhaling rapidly so I can keep my balance. I approached the open door. It was finely engraved with beautiful motives. My hand was few inches from the door. Scarlet red splatters were on the bottom of the door. I didn't want to think what was this substance that was all over the second floor. The steward stopped me at the entrance. He was white as a sheet but I didn't pay attention.

 - M-M-Miss, I'm afraid that You can not see the master right now. He is a little busy. - he swallowed loudly - I-I will have to accompany You to the door. Be assured, I will inform You what happened and when to come but now You must return to your mansion

- B-But sir. Carlton said that he will be free and that I could come. Is it something wrong? I deserve to know.

- No, Miss. You must leave. - the steward led me to the door, slowly and carefully as if it was just the natural thing to do - Sir Carlton wishes no guests today. Have a nice day, Miss.
Suddenly outside, I decided to rebel this old steward and see for myself what was wrong. My dress was too big for adventures so I took off the crinoline and the petticoat. It was embarrassing to be only with the knickers on my drumsticks but I was so curious. I observed the walls of the mansion. It was possible that I make it to the top window which I considered to be Sir Carlton's bedroom. It was a very embarrassing moment for me but my curiosity was bigger than my ego. I saw a lining on the wall that was designed to be beautiful but the bricks were made perfectly for a ladder, as if someone made it for this purpose. I went there and started climbing. A big bush, formed like a dolphin, was hiding me from the field. My white sparrow came on my shoulder.

- Oh, hello, my little friend. Here to join me in a crime? It flew off but stayed near my head. Eventually it started singing the melody Sir Carlton played. When I was a few bricks away from his window the white sparrow started attacking my face while singing the melody. In an attempt to avoid its claws I leaned back and fell backwards. The bush kept me above the ground but when I got back on the brick ladder I felt the cold breeze on my back cheeks. A branch had ripped my knickers and now I was half naked a few steps from Sir Carlton's bedroom window. Oh, what would the people say... She started climbing, slipping and almost falling as she started getting close to satisfying her curiosity. 

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