Above my breathing

Blossom up and catch her smile,
oh, shiny violet flowers
I can not look her for a while
for her beauty lasts for hours

I opened my eyes as the last words rang in my ears. Interesting who was that brave one that can climb 3 balconies and reach my room in that early hour. He deserves at least a glance before I demand a answer for waking me up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Oh, it was Count Caremiles, a young boy from the next mansion. He was not so attractive with his oily hair and watery blue eyes but dear God, he was so smart! I had no doubt that he wrote these four lines for his feather is one of the finest in whole Europe. And I could not ignore the fact that he does not respect my privacy and will for a good night sleep. But he was rather young for me! Why did his parents Richard and Emily Caremiles accepted him for my suitor? It was outrageous! 
- Greetings dear Count. It was truly lovely. But aren't you a little young for a husband? And I just must ask you why did you think that waking me up in the little hours of the day is going to be a good idea?
- My beloved Elizabeth, I had no patience for fighting, if I might say that, for your heart! I just couldn't resist your beauty.
- I am sorry John, I wish to continue my sleep. Maybe tomorrow, when I'm properly dressed and on my feet, I will be willing to hear you again. Now I must say good by to you. Maybe you should go back to sleep like I will.
I got up from my big bed, put on my night robe over my nightgown and closed the balcony door right under his nose. I had to be gentle so I gave him an air kiss and I let down the red red curtains. I went back to sleep but not for long!

I slowed down my pace
as I walked passed your house.
I need to see your face
even from the eyes of a mouse.

Why did they make the air filthy with poems like that? What was this mouse again? I furiously sat in my bed and my eyes turned slowly to the spot from the voice was entering my room it was from the garden beneath my room. I went out so I can see who was the owner of this gorgeous voice. I had no doubt that this one one of the best men in France. So I was not so surprised to see who it was. The beautiful Duke Dupont. This man was so handsome that he was winning every girl's heart including mine. But I had to respect the rules of the condition I gave. 
- Hello, oh, respectful Duke! What a bizzare poem you have for me. Je me demande si vous avez écrit ça! Est-ce que vous pouvez me repondez*?
- Mais oui mademoiselle Dryfeather**! I can not write beautiful poems but I tried my best. Be assured that this is from my deep heart!
- Then why is it in English? You are one of the gentle French Dukes!
- I have this answer too. I decided that I need to show respect to your father and I wrote it in English.
- I am satisfied with your responses but I can not accept this poem this early! Please wait with Count Caremiles until the sun is at its peak and I will accept you.
- I shall respect Your demand, my love! Have a good breakfast with your beautiful family, good by you have from me!
It is not even 8 o'clock and they have already started the competition. But I couldn't outlive this. I called my butler and made him announce that I leave the day for myself and I will not accept anyone! The rest of the day was going to be dedicated to my bed and my nightgown! Tomorrow I was going to add some more rules for my suitors! Such as "I shall accept poems from 10 o'clock and not earlier!"

*I demand myself if you have wrote that! Can you answer me?
**But yes lady Dryfeather!
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