A Romance Full of Poetry
Elizabeth Dryfeather is the name I go by. I live in the beautiful city of Paris, near the river Sena. The mornings are full of the fresh air the water provides after the night was merciful. A little white sparrow flies by my window to share the gorgeous beginning of the day. Everyone thinks I am one of the finest mademoiselles en Paris. My mother is French and my father is British. So by faith's wish I know the two most beautiful languages of all. For my beauty I have a lot of suitors. But I do not wish them all. I do not wish to choose by their handsome look. I wish a man who has a heart as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean. But how could I find such gentle soul? Maybe by a poem? Yes, this is the light I've been searching for! I shall demand them a poem expressing their lovable thoughts. In both languages I speak...Let the art of words find my eternal soul mate!
Hello and welcome! I'm so happy to see you here. Enjoy what I have written for it is created for you. Don't think about what t was or what it will be and just sink in the story that is spread at your feet.
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